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Living the High Life in Downtown Little Rock & Argenta

The recent surge in the popularity of condos and lofts among construction companies and commercial property owners has brought many added lifestyle options and a new look to downtown Little Rock and Argenta.

At 18 and 20 floors respectively, 300 Third Tower and the River Market Tower downtown have been the most noticeable changes. Not only did they amplify the skyline, they also further injected a residential element into the downtown district, which area leaders continue to recreate as a bustling urban area. With downtown’s hordes of jobs and its large concentration of entertainment and cultural venues, the allure of downtown condo living is apparent.

Located in North Little Rock’s Argenta, the Argenta Flats feature a contemporary, upscale design and are within walking distance of a variety of entertainment, dining and shopping options. Downtown Little Rock is just minutes away, too.

With the continuing development of Main Street’s Creative Corridor and the Argenta Arts District, plenty of upscale loft and apartment options have joined the living options as well. Many older, once abandoned buildings are being renovated to become historic and desirable living spaces for the younger set, as well as those simply seeking a more urban living style. On the following pages, learn more about the best options available.

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