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Arkansas Democrat Building

In its heyday, the hustle and bustle of editors, reporters, print-setters, and photographers winding actively throughout the loud printing presses of the Arkansas Democrat, was a daily happening from the time it was built in 1916, until the printing presses ceased to run in the early 1930’s.

Charles Thompson designed the building in 1916 for the Arkansas Democrat Newspaper. The Democrat was an active competitor to the local Gazette during the entirety of its life. After the Democrat vacated the building, it housed the Burton Furniture Store and the Lido Cafeteria for a number of years. The top floors have remained vacant for over 25 years. The bottom floors had a subway and used to be occupied by the well established RAO Video that is now located next door.

Until recently, the quiet, run-down building has been empty and waiting to be revitalized.

The owner of the building, together with Moses Tucker Real Estate, Inc., joined forces to revitalize the building after all these years. Cromwell Architects Engineers, carrying on the legacy of founder Charles Thompson, has designed a plan to bring back the life and beauty of the original building, adding a new modern feel while preserving the historic design that Charles Thompson originally created.

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