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Little Rock's Main Street Keeps Attracting Businesses and Continued Growth

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – The vibe in downtown Little Rock is changing and businesses and restaurant owners say that is a good thing. New developments going up on Main Street are creating a positive atmosphere for businesses to grow.

Club Level closed down last week allowing for a new pub and grill to open up called Brewski’s. The new bar is set to open in October. Vince Bruno re-opened Bruno’s Little Italy in October 2013. He was the only restaurant on Main Street in downtown Little Rock at the time.

"We were the anchor,” Bruno said. "Then came Samantha's, then came Soul Fish, and we've got some more coming across the street."

Chris Tanner opened up Samantha's right next door to Bruno's about two years later because he saw the potential in downtown Little Rock.

"Part of us just felt like there was a need for it. More restaurants, even to this day," Tanner said.

He said he saw that Main Street was starting to become a place where people would come hang out.

"It's just constantly something every week. Concerts. Plays. It's a blast," he said.

Gabe Holmstrom with Downtown Little Rock Partnership said watching new restaurants go up is exciting. He said three years ago there was not a single restaurant on Main Street.

"They've really proven that people do want to come down here and spend time eating in downtown Little Rock," Holmstrom said.

Business owners like Bruno have saw the success since opening up shop.

"We love it down here. We've had a great time. We have been very successful,” Bruno said.

Holmstrom said with the booming restaurants brings more excitement to the downtown area.

"More and more people are starting to live downtown and really it's turning this in to a 24 hour city," Holmstrom said. “It’s really exciting to watch all this and watch all these people come down and spend their time here.”

Moses Tucker also announced Tuesday it will begin leasing apartments above Brewski’s starting next month.

Holmstrom said three more restaurants are slated to open on Main Street in the coming months.

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