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$1.5 Million Dollar Renovation of Retail/Office Building in Bentonville, AR

1004 Northwest 11th Street, Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville, Arkansas (August 17, 2023) – Moses Tucker Partners announced today, the $1.5 million dollar renovation of a retail/office building located at 1004 Northwest 11th Street, Bentonville, Arkansas. Previously the location of JUNK Brands headquarters, the 11th Street Building now has a fresh exterior design, interior remodel, and reconstructed parking lot and is ready to welcome its newest tenant, Ozark Mountain Bagel. Strategically located off North Walton, nestled between downtown Bentonville and Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, this spot promises to be an easy stop for commuters and cyclists.

"We are beyond excited to welcome Ozark Bagel to the 11th Street building in Bentonville! From their warm greetings, hip vibes, to the best bagels you'll ever eat, we couldn't be more thrilled to have them join us at this location," shared Beau Barrett, owner of Barrett Development Co. and property owner.

Ozark Mountain Bagel will operate from the building, utilizing it as their central baking hub. Alongside their bakery operations, they will offer a small retail area and cozy seating for bagel enthusiasts and bikers. Owners Bill and Sheila Ford expressed their excitement, stating, "We are truly thrilled to be a part of the 11th Street building in Bentonville! This location holds special significance as our central baking hub, allowing us to bring freshly baked goodness to our shops throughout the community."

The transformation of the 11th Street building and the addition of Ozark Mountain Bagel signify an exciting new chapter in Bentonville's business landscape and the N Walton Blvd corridor. With its revamped exterior, prime location, and captivating tenant, the building is poised to become a thriving hub where locals, bikers, and bagel enthusiasts can come together for a unique and delightful experience.

"Moses Tucker Partners is thrilled to have played a significant role in securing a high-quality anchor tenant in the project off of North Walton Blvd and extend our gratitude to Beau and Kourtney Barrett, two influential community leaders, for the opportunity to be a part of this venture,” said Paul Esterer, Principal and Northwest Arkansas President.

An additional 13,500 square feet is available at the 11th Street Building that can be utilized as an 11,000 square foot space 1st floor space and 2,500 square foot 2nd floor office space. The 11th Street Building is professionally managed and leased by Moses Tucker Partners.

For more information, please contact Paul Esterer, Principal and NWA President and Jeff Snyder, Brokerage Director at (479) 271-6118.


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