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Little Rock’s Historic Boyle Building to Undergo $35 Million Dollar Renovation

Boyle Building - 103 W Capitol Ave, Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, AR | August 8, 2023 — Moses Tucker Partners today announced plans to renovate the historic Boyle Building, located on the southwest corner of Capitol and Main Street in downtown Little Rock. Chris Moses, Principal, President & Chief Executive Officer of Moses Tucker Partners (MTP) said his company will spend $35 million to complete a total renovation of the 12 story, 91,000 square foot building. Upon completion, the building will be occupied by the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General. There will also be approximately 5,000 square feet of commercial/restaurant space on the ground floor and 7,000 square feet of office space leased to other state tenants.

Tim Griffin, Arkansas Attorney General said, “In addition to saving tax dollars, this move will save a historic structure at the corner of Capitol and Main in downtown Little Rock, the symbolic center of our capital city. It is a win for Little Rock as it will clean up a blighted area downtown and allow for new commercial development on Main Street. As I have often said, ‘as goes our capital city, so goes our state.’"

Built as the “State Bank Building” and opened in 1909, the building was Arkansas’s second “skyscraper” and the state’s tallest building. It was designed by architect George R. Mann, who was considered one of Arkansas’s premier architects and who also designed the State Capitol as well as the Gus Blass Building - now known as Mann on Main. Johnny Boyle, a real estate tycoon and cotton trader, purchased the building in 1916 to house his newly formed Boyle Real Estate Company. Boyle Realty went on to own and operate the building until 1999, when Boyle moved its headquarters to West Little Rock. The Boyle Building has been vacant for almost 25 years.

The Boyle Building reflects the turn-of-the 20th century preference for skyscraper design in its tripartite massing, with a strong base, multiple stories of office space, and a distinctive cap. Its form and materials are also typical of Mann’s skyscraper designs at that time – white in color, with profuse terracotta ornamentation across the upper floors and a bold cornice with deep eaves. The 12th floor penthouse was added to the building in 1949, and its design is in keeping with Mann’s work.

Construction will get underway in September and should be complete in late 2024.

For more information contact:

Chris Moses, Principal, President & CEO Laura McKinney, Executive Vice President -

501-539-2262 Project Management and Development 501-615-5361


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